Thursday, June 12, 2008

HOST update

You may have noticed recently that we have been doing a lot to promote HOST and to tell other Etsy members about the team and what we do. This week, we started the first of our planned Etsy promo threads for the HOST shop and blog... We met up with old friends - and some new - and were truly delighted when donations for the shop were offered through that same thread! We are hoping to repeat this weekly, so look out for us and remember to tell your friends to stop by and join us for some chit chat.

One of our members is slowly reopening her own Etsy shop - check it out at - and had the fantastic idea of featuring interviews of HOST members on her blog! She has just posted her first in this series - an interview with our lovely Michelle of Go read the interview at and keep an eye out for the next HOSTie seller to be featured :)

Another of our members was also lucky enough to snag a treasury west today - yay crochetmaggie! Check out her lovely shop at
We have pasted the treasury in here in case you don't catch it while it's live (just click on the image for the larger version):

All of these are HOST shop items that were
generously donated by Etsy members.
You can view the rest of our listings at

We also wanted to give you a little update on the shop: so far for June, we have sold 10 items - yay!!! We would like to pass on our biggest HOST (((((hugs))))) to everyone who has purchased something from us this month - also (((((hugs))))) and our sincere thanks to all of you who have donated items to the shop (including those of you who have made items specially for this purpose :) We want you to know that your generosity is hugely appreciated and your support of HOST really keeps us motivated to do the best job we can. Remember to share this blog with your friends and we would love to read your comments and feedback on here too!
Thanks for stopping by today :)


CrochetMaggie said...

Hurrah! Great Post :)

Maura said...

Yay lovely post! And super treasury!

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