Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A miracle in motion?

The accident

One of our Etsy community, Retro Cycle, recently posted in the forums about her step-son - Greg - who was seriously injured on April 14th of this year after being struck by a car whilst crossing the street near his college. Greg is 20 years old and until the accident, he was a Junior in college, with great plans for the future and his imminent Spring break... Doctors told Retro Cycle and Greg's Father that Greg was unlikely to survive his injuries, and that even if he did, he would likely be left with irreparable brain damage...

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The update

Greg remains hospitalised but incredibly, Retro Cycle was able to report back to Etsians who had been waiting and praying for good news, that on June 11th Greg actually managed to STAND upright, and was now talking to his Father and able to read! Clearly this young man is a real fighter and it is his sheer determination that is helping him defy the initial prognosis from his doctors - and they couldn't be happier! Greg obviously still has a looooooong battle ahead of him but the indicators are positive and his doctors are now saying he may even be able to return home in October. This is fantastic news - especially to Greg's Father, who has been staying in New York to be near Greg since the accident - and to Retro Cycle, who does her best to support Father and son from home in Tennessee.


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Dealing with the expense

Greg's medical bills are unsurprisingly huge and they continue to grow. In addition, there is the expense of Greg's Dad staying in NY and commuting between NY and Tennessee when he returns to spend any time at home. The family have been looking for ways to address some of their expenses and Retro Cycle subsequently posted that ALL proceeds from sales in her Etsy shop will go towards helping her husband to stay with Greg until his recovery and release from hospital.


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How to help

Other kind-hearted and generous Etsians have donated items from their own shops, with proceeds from those sales going to help with the family's expenses. These items have been tagged "For Gregory" and HOST is doing everything possible to help promote the sale of these items, as well as sales in Retro Cycle's own Etsy shop: http://retrocycle.etsy.com If you would like to make a contribution to help this family, you can search for Etsy items tagged "For Gregory" to find listings where the proceeds will go to Greg. Alternatively, if you would like to donate an item, please convo Retro Cycle for more information.


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