Sunday, June 29, 2008

The good news blog!

Our readers will know that we frequently post about our attempts to help fellow Etsians and their families. We also want this to be a 'good news' blog, so we have decided to post updates about Etsians who have managed to turn things around; get closer to, or achieve their goals; and where HOST has been able to participate a little in this process. Pictured: crocheted tan and white oven gloves from

Recently, HOST was asked for help by Terra, who owns the Etsy shop: Terra's husband had secured a new job but in the interim before the paycheck came through, they were unable to pay some overdue utility bills and things were pretty tough. With funds obtained through sales in our HOST shop, we were able to send Terra sufficient funds to settle these bills - thus ensuring that she retained access to the internet and could continue to manage and promote her Etsy shop. Pictured: hooded cardigan from

This is what Terra had to say - before:

I appreciate any help your group can give at this point. I'd hate to be without the internet just in case I get any sales. And with gas prices...right now life is tough for everyone. I am hoping that somewhere in the future months I can join your group and help others as you have helped us.

...and after:

Thank whoever sent something into my Paypal. It will be a big help. I really appreciate it more than you sure to thank everyone for me. I can now pay my electric and phone bill and get them updated. Thanks to all the HOST participants who have helped me and my husband out. His new position will begin June 18th...we can now make a budget...and finally start getting ourselves out of the hole we've been in for so long.

Many thanks and God Bless you all,

Terra: HOST was only too happy to help! We wish you and your family every success, and we hope John enjoys his new job. Please keep us posted with your news :)



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