Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Monday

Welcome to a fresh new week everyone! We know some of you will have come flying into it, excited to find out what lies ahead this week - and others have come to it more slowly, a little weighed down by the things you have going on in your lives. Whatever the week holds, remember that HOST is here for you, to celebrate the good and offer support during the not so good.

From a team perspective, this particular Monday started off on a happy note, when one of our early risers (well, not really a morning person if the truth be told - just luckily placed because of her time zone!) managed to snag a treasury west space and filled up the list with some great goodies currently available in the HOST team shop - yay!!

The new HOST treasury west is pasted in here for all of you to enjoy even after it is timed out on Etsy. If these items have been snatched up by the time you run to the HOST shop, don't worry because thanks to all the generous hearts of the Etsy sellers, we receive some really wonderful donated items and the shop will re-stock, so keep stopping by as often as you can.

Remember that ALL proceeds from the HOST shop sales go towards Etsians who are having a tougher time of it than others. We HOSTies take nothing away for ourselves but the feeling of satisfaction that we have managed to help someone along. Well... actually, we're not really that selfless. Nope. Truth be told: we do it for the hugs - LOL :)

Click on the image for a more detailed view - or click straight through to the HOST team shop and check out all the other items we currently have available:-


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