Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hello dear readers!

HOST is now up and running - thanks to some greatly appreciated help from the beautiful Etsy community. Artists, all with a sense of community that expands to helping when others need a boost!

HOST has used the donations it has received to help many fellow Etsians with small needs but there is one Etsian who needs a little more than we are able to provide, so here is how YOU can help:

Log into (it's easy :)
You can then load "points" into your account; 1 point = $1.00

Our fellow Etsian is a struggling student who is between grants and she needs help with paying her rent. Haven't we all been there a time or two? Just a couple of extra dollars donated by many would make this deserving person's life so much better. Here is her "Modest Needs" link:

Any help you can offer is so gratefully received - thank you all so much!


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