Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cup of tea and a convo anyone?

We HOSTies have busy lives! Many of us have families and our businesses to run but we still manage to do an awful lot of chatting! We always have a thread going in the Etsy 'Teams & Events' forum and most or many of us sign in there daily for updates on each others' lives. Sometimes we have a giggle and sometimes there are troubles to share. We are always happy to meet new Etsians in the threads, so don't feel awkward - just jump on in and say hello. If you come weighed down with things you need to get off your chest, we are all good listeners and will try to be supportive and think of ways to help. If you prefer somewhere a bit more private to chat about things - or if you need specific help - you can convo us through the shop: or the team page:
If you recognise one of our usernames, we are all very convo friendly so just go ahead and drop us a private line :)

We thought this might be a fun way to illustrate our message...

Are you feeling hemmed in, or trapped?

Are your troubles weighing on your mind
and keeping you awake at night?
What you need is a nice cup of tea and a chat :)
Come on over to HOST
and we'll put the kettle on...
...and get out the best cups!

Remember, HOST is there for you!

(And HOSTies are always ready for a cup of tea and a convo!)

PS - we illustrated our message with some of the fun items available from these Etsy shops:

Thanks everyone and have a healthy, happy, creative week!



jenskelley said...

Thank you so much for including me in your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Love your shop jenskelley :)

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