Saturday, June 28, 2008

AWBAR update

We wanted to give a brief update on the parvo crisis at the AWBAR - Abandoned Wild Babies Animal Rescue - centre. Very sadly, 13 babies have lost their battle with parvo but Amanda is continuing on, determined to provide the best possible care for the remaining 14 little raccoons who are not quite out of the woods. There is hope but there is some way still to go and vet bills are mounting up. So many etsians have generously donated to AWBAR to help raise money for essential medication, and both AWBAR and close friends at the EFA - Etsy For Animals - team have been proactive and supportive with AWBAR promo threads in the etsy forums. Thank you everyone for your continued help; hopefully the crisis will be over soon, and the remaining little guys will be back enjoying their cornflake snacks with their usual vigour!

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mvegan said...

Thank you so much for featuring AWBAR and my jewelry, you are so great! ;0) Michele, mvegan5

Mishkat said...

Thanks to maisyh and HOST for helping out AWBAR! Wonderfully written article - much appreciated.

Lola Lynn said...

Thank you for keeping us well informed and updated on the baby raccoons at AWBAR. You're SUPER!
Lynn aka LolaLynn

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