Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One of our own - Three Muses Art

This feature is our way of sending HOST hugs to one of our own, who has been through the emotional wringer recently and so we wanted to show her some extra HOST love...

Our very own Monique of has been on hospital hand-holding duty for her Mum who has had quite a scare. Happily, after some fantastic care by a wonderful team of nurses, Mother of Three (so to speak :) is back on her feet and due to be released from hospital today - yaaaayyy Mother of Three!!

Events have been stressful to say the least but this is the perfect ending to the story - oh, except for those pesky hospital bills which are a worry in themselves on account of there being no medical insurance...

So: because we want to celebrate Monique's Mum's recovery and release from hospital and hopefully attract a visit from the sales fairy to help some way towards the medical bills, we wanted to show off some of the super items from

Wicked Wind - available from

Winter Berries - available from

Shower Stones - available from


Maura said...

Yay great blog Maisy! So glad your mom is home and healthy Monique!

threemuses said...

Wow... you guys are awesome. I'm just glad Mom is alive. She is home and recovering.

stitchandtell said...

Yay three!! Good news about your mom - keep us updated on her progress.

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