Saturday, June 7, 2008

HOST hugs

Hugs are VERY important over here at the HOST team. We give a lot of hugs and that means we are all pretty good huggers. We hug by convo; we hug each other daily in our chat threads; we hug those who tell us they need hugs, and we don't need much of a nudge to hug them when they don't! You could say we are all hugaholics over at HOST but the best part is that being a hugaholic is therapy in its own right!
Our hugs are not exclusive to HOST members only - they are for anyone who needs them. You may just want to chat to us, or rant at us - just have someone at the other end of a convo who won't be judging you but will be listening while you get a load off your chest. We'll do our best to offer comfort, or any other support that we can; so remember that we're here when you need us and we're doing this for you!
With that in mind, here are a few other Etsy style hugs and supportive words that we thought would make you smile :)

This is what you will find at HOST...

...and this is what we do best!

Whatever the problem is, remember to also count your blessings. - Just be happy
Don't let anyone steal your hope; it belongs to YOU!

Find your angel and ask for help!
It could be a friend or a family member, or one or all of us at HOST :)



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