Sunday, June 29, 2008

More good news!

We recently posted about our HOSTie Sally - of - who was having an operation on her arm. We are delighted to report that the surgery went well, and Sally is now recovering at home... She is *allegedly* behaving herself and not overdoing things but we only have her word for that since nurse Jackie - of - who was looking after her following the surgery has now returned home! Sally's husband has also been given a clean bill of health following some serious health issues of his own, so things are definitely on the up-turn.

Sally: we are delighted about your hubby's news and we wish you a speedy (but not too speedy, mind!) and full recovery yourself. Jackie: thank you for taking such good care of Sally. You have obviously done much to raise her spirits and we are so glad that she had you close. Some of the HOSTies were beginning to consider medical intervention too - anything to get a slice of all that fabulous yumminess that you were reportedly turning out in Sally's kitchen!!!

Life's a beach at Sally's place these days :)



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