Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two Mothers with the same dream

As daunting as the big 'C' can be, there is one message that we hear from all over the globe: think positive! If you're the person who has cancer, positive thinking may not be so easy because you're probably a little terrified. If you're a friend or family member, chances are you're probably feeling pretty terrified too. That fear is something to watch out for though; it's like a foothold that the cancer uses to get a better grip - so don't let fear take over!!! You have to put your faith in something, whether it be religion, yourself, your doctors, or alternative therapies and treatments - we all have our beliefs but the important thing is to invest your positive energy and your hope in 'something' and not let your fear take over. So long as you have hope, you will be fighting your cause, and you will have a plan.

HOST recently heard about an Etsy seller - Annette Cook - whose daughter is currently battling ovarian cancer at the age of 25. She will finish her chemotherapy this month and then she faces surgery to remove her ovaries. Annette's daughter has a wonderful Mother and family behind her every step of the way, willing her to keep fighting and beat the disease. She also has another reason to fight: her own 8 year old daughter - and she has a plan... Also keeping this young woman battling is the dream that she and Annette share: Annette is trying to save enough money to send her daughter and grand-daughter to Disneyland together, once her daughter has beaten the cancer. The dream of sharing this experience with her own little girl is keeping Annette's daughter determined in her fight and positive in her outlook.

Pictured above: - gem of a dragonfly set

HOST wanted to send well wishes and hugs to Annette and her brave daughter. We are hoping for the best possible outcome for your family, Annette, and we wanted to spotlight your story to help raise awareness and hopefully brings about some sales for you since all sales in your shop - - will go towards funding this dream trip for your girls. Please keep us posted on the Disneyland Dream. Nothing would make us happier than to post an update with Disney photographs of your girls to document the outcome that everyone is praying for :)

Pictured above: - speckle in pink bracelet



Southern Blood said...

well i think this is great!
it's a wonderful and caring feature.
i really really hope that this will get her the needed sales!!!

i've been through a similar path in life and i know how hard it is. i want to help everyone that i can.

thank you for posting this about her.

Anonymous said...

Welcome, southern blood :)

Yo! Sales Fairy! Come and read this!!!

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