Saturday, June 21, 2008

Warm wishes for another of our own

One of our HOSTies - Sally of Sally's Creations - is going under the knife next week. Hopefully the procedure will resolve some of the discomfort she has been having down one arm, so the rest of us are crossing our collective fingers and toes, and wishing our Sally a speedy recovery with positive results at the end of it.

We know the real challenge Sally faces is doing what she is told about taking her post-op recovery easy and putting her feet up... Somehow we couldn't really see that happening, so we were all mightily relieved to hear that our favourite nurse Jackie - owner of A Doll's Closet - will be in attendance and enforcing strict rest and relaxation conditions at Sally's place :) - beautiful sunflower wind chime - by Sally (probably the world's worst patient!) - adorable beach cover-up for dolly - by favourite nurse Jackie :)

Sally: we will all be thinking of you and waiting for news. You be sure and do as the doctor (and nurse Jackie) tell you - no sneaking off to chop down trees and cut granite slabs, or else!!! We want you back in action soon but not ahead of time...

Jackie: we realise you will probably need the patience of a saint to keep Sally in her swing seat, so we also wish you well for this challenge - don't let her wear out the bell, summoning you all day long for this and that!!!



stitchandtell said...

Much love Sally and hoping for a speedy recovery!

Jackie - agree with Maisy - don't let her wear the bell out - and take care of her for us.

Maura said...

Sally we're thinking of you and hoping for a speedy recovery!

Jackie you are such a good friend!!!

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