Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hearts for Hearts Challenge

As many of you may know February is National Heart Awareness month, so in honor of this the Helping Others Street Team (HOST) is sponsoring this challenge. 100% of profits made from the sale of these items will be going directly to the American Heart Association.

Please place your vote from the following items by using the poll feature to the right of your screen between February 24th and February 28th and noon (Etsy time):

Melanie's Originals -- Heart health awareness stickers

Yaffa Dreams -- MY HEART IS YOURS earrings

Heart Jewelries -- Heart Disease Awareness Pendant

Creations By Christina -- Chocolate Delight Apple

The Beaded Heart -- Lampwork Chainmail Necklace

Jennifers Craft Store -- Teddy Bear with Red Heart

Soul In Chains -- Abstract Fiber Wall Hanging

Elles Belle -- Red Carnelian Earrings

Recreational Art -- Share the Love

Rachels Aprons -- Overlapping Hearts Crocheted Bookmark

Monday, February 23, 2009

Meeting the HOSTies -- CatiaHades

Your name and shop name(s): MacKenzie "Cat" Mays http://catiahades.etsy.com/

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm a very spirited girl who currently is involved in my last semester of a veterinary techonology (nursing) school. I have one husband, and 6 furry children- one dog, two bunnies, and three kitties. I am currently stumbling through my 20's and soul searching trying to find my place in this world, it's lovely. I adore all things bright, plastic, kitsch, chunky, vintage, shabby chic, distressed, well worn, and loved.

How/why did you become involved with HOST: I was part of the original thread from Christmas in 2007. it was the most emotional and rewarding participation of complete and total strangers and their kindness to each other. It has since blossomed into a beautiful team of amazing souls. It has been wonderful to see the transformation and I can't wait to see how it continues to grow. I'm so happy to be the secretary and take a more active role in HOST.

Any advice you would like to share with others: When things get so tough and despair can take over, sometimes the best way to fight it is to sit down, meditate, find yourself, and think of the things you love. Everyone deserves these kind of personal moments and the peace within themselves. You will always return to reality and the fight, but if you can gather yourself together a little bit everyday, it will make your fighting ability stronger. you will make it through another day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meeting the HOSTies -- Lazy Butt Pants

Your Name and Shop Name(s): My name is Brenda Stephens and my shops are http://bstep401.etsy.com/ and http://lazybuttpants.etsy.com/

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am a stay at home mom to five sons plus one German exchange student. I home school my youngest two. I love to sew and can make about anything as long as the motivation is there!: ) I love to garden and preserve our own foods as much as I can.

How/Why did you become involved with HOST?: I became involved in HOST in the beginning back at Christmas 2007 when HeatherRLange asked if anyone was in need. That Christmas I sent out tons of pants and things for children without gifts. Later I became the team president and after two terms as president am now serving as the team's volunteer coordinator. I love to help other people and I think the ideas behind HOST are great! I would love to see HOST become bigger and even more effective than they are now!

Any advice you would like to share with others?: Depends on what type of advice you want! If you are a person in need, I recommend that you don't stop hitting the pavement until your needs are met. Yep, it is tough and hard, but in general people don't starve that are doing EVERYTHING in their power to keep it together. These times we are going through are rough and are only going to get tougher for awhile. Just keep moving forward even when it feels like you cannot possibly go any further forward. As far as Etsy is concerned. Just keep on keeping on. Normally you will not become a success overnight, although there are those that do. You must work really hard to become successful. Be open to criticism.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome our new officers!

A huge welcome to our new team leaders! These are the caring folks that make our team run smooth and needs be met! So give them a cheer!!

•:*''*:• President•:*''*:•

•:*''*:• Vice President•:*''*:•

•:*''*:• Secretary•:*''*:•

•:*''*:• Treasurer•:*''*:•

•:*''*:• Outreach•:*''*:•

•:*''*:• Volunteer Coordinator•:*''*:•

•:*''*:• Research Analyst•:*''*:•

•:*''*:• Activities•:*''*:•

•:*''*:• Communications•:*''*:•

•:*''*:• Store Manager•:*''*:•

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Saying farewell and thank you

It's time for the changing of the HOST officers. Let's all take a moment to thank our awesome resourceful and kind volunteer leaders!

Thanks to our old Team President:

Thanks to our old Vice President:

Thanks to our old Treasurer:

Thanks to our Secretary:

Thanks to our Store Manager:

Thanks to our Outreach Coordinator:

Thanks to our Communications (including this wonderful blog!):

Thanks to our Activities Coordinator:

Lucky for us many of these inspiring leaders are returning to hold new positions!
If you have a moment to write them a note of thanks in the comments or contact them to let them know they are appreciated I'm sure it would sweeten their days!
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