Monday, June 30, 2008

A message between friends...

I was asked to post this wonderful message from Sally of to her dear friend Jackie of and I do so with the greatest of pleasure...

The word "FATE" can be used in so many different ways to describe situations, good and bad... That word has played a very important part in Jim's, MayBeth's and my life together, so I guess I should have realized that it would also play an important part in a very special friendship that has been formed between two people here on Etsy... We met because of the ETC forums, the change a letter threads. I had moved from CT to NH in March of 2007; if you would have asked me years earlier I would have told you that NO way would I ever leave CT - nope - no way - was not gonna happen - but silly me fell in love with a man from NH, hook, line and sinker! I know my Dad and my Mom had a hand in it somehow, telling me in some way that it was time for MayBeth and I to move on and start a brand new life after they had passed away. So they found Jim and brought us together - even though we lived 174.5 miles apart!

Anyway, I had started to get home sick last fall and I then Joined Etsy. I just took the plunge one day and jumped into the forums... eek! Scary!! seeing as my brain was never wired for computer technology (LMAO). I noticed this woman, Jackie, who made jewelry and thought: hmmm, she's from CT... So I happened to mention to her that I had moved from CT and had been born and raised there - and well, the rest is history as A True Special Friendship was formed. Never even thinking that we would ever meet in person, Jackie and Tony came up to see us for the first time after just about all of the 13ft of snow had melted!! It was like we had known each other all of our lives - the 5 of us (including MayBeth) got along so well :)

Jackie has been my rock through Jim's cancer; his surgeries; his treatments; finding out that he is a diabetic; me VENTING (BIG time!) - Jackie was just there for me; listening, helping and advising me; and giving me hugs to lift me up on the darkest days, reminding me that God does not give us more then we can handle. BUT as I told her "Please tell Him to stop!" as it seemed like we had got other people's shares as well!! I can honestly say that if it were not for Jackie, I don't know how I would have come through any of this. It got to the point when last Saturday the oil tank ran dry; we had $10 left to our name; no gas in the truck, and just enough food stamps to last us till the end of the month (yep, we had to go that route) and it was really hard to accept that - even though it would only be for the short term. Jackie pointed out that Jim and I had worked hard all our lives and had paid into it, so now it was our time to receive... Jackie and Tony saw to it that we were able to get some diesel for the oil tank, as the minimum for oil delivery is 125 and at 4.69 a gallon... NO WAY!!! We had a grand time with them both this week - they both got their exercise helping us with wood; MayBeth conned Tony into playing cards with her - she even got Jackie and I to play Black Jack (only played for pennies but that little monkey butt won!!).

I know there are a lot of you who have helped us - please do not think I am excluding you from this message - but once in a lifetime, you have the opportunity to gain a true best friend, and at the age of 50 (yikes), I have found my true and bestest friend in Jackie. Jackie, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being you; for being here for me and helping me get through this :)

Hearts and hugssssssssssss, Sally

PS - we didn't win the lottery on Saturday night, so Lowes won't be delivering the fire pit - sorry!!



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