Sunday, June 29, 2008

Treasured HOSTies

HOST members spend a lot of time jumping up and down, waving flags, bumping promos, and making smoke signals - whatever we can think of to attract the attention of the sales fairy into the shops of Etsians we are trying to help! The truth is though that most of the HOSTies are longing for a visit from the sales fairy themselves, so we decided as a group to jump up and down a little for ourselves... hope that's ok with everyone?! The plan has started well since yesterday, two members managed to snag two treasuries - YAY!! We decided to post our treasuries here for the team - and our readers - to enjoy because we just love to share! :)

Compiled by HOSTie Cornucopias

Compiled by HOSTie maisyh

Watch for the next HOSTies list when our treasury stalking pays off - there are many more of us to introduce :)



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