Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meet the HOSTies: jinglebobs

Tell us a little about yourself.
Jinglebobs.. all one word no caps in the middle!
A Jinglebob is something on a cowboy's spur. It jingles when he walks or in time with the horse's gait. ME: I'm over 30, I enjoy animals of all sorts, crochet, knit (just learned!), learning to spin, ride, take photographs, used to camp, fish, hike, am NOT a computer wiz

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
A horse.. if not that then a mini horse, or an alpaca or two.

Fruit or chocolate?
Fruit.. fresh ripe peaches, huckleberries, kewis - summer!

Your favorite meal?
chicken and dumplings prepared by my mom

City break or weekend in the country?
City break.. I live in the sticks already!Seattle is fun, Portland is very nice to visit.

Why did you join/donate to HOST? OR How did you hear about HOST?
Christmas 2008, my first year on Etsy. From the Etc. Thread. I was so broke myself I couldn't donate much or help with $$ but I can PRAY for free!! So I did, alot! It is a wonderful group!

How did you first get interested in what you do?
From a catalog, that had rhythm beads in it. . . I can do that! So I did. My horse, my sister's horse all love the bells... and it makes me think of sleigh rides and Christmas all year round!

Tell us about your shop.
Bells and beads. I had fun working up rhythm beads for pups too. I have bit warmers waiting to be finished by the sewing machine. I LOVE working with the dozens of colors and coming up with beautiful combinations, interesting patterns. The colors are SO intense in the sunlight shining against the color of the horse.*shivers*

What do you love most about selling on Etsy?
Got to be the community of people. Everyone is so helpful with hints, how to understand the latest web issue, how to do the complex *mind numbing* computer things we need to do. I could not do this without the community of great people who have assisted so many of us, so unselfishly. THANK YOU!

Where else can we find you? (facebook, blog, twitter, flickr, etc)

Any advice you would like to share with others that might read this?
Don't forget to keep learning! About selling, web, your craft, other people, the world. AND enjoy yourself.. if you are not having fun - take a break and come back fresh. LAUGH often.

What is the best etsy tip or resource you have found or been given?
Type in GoTo in the forum search. Read everything she has to say. then search UncleJohn.. ditto.
If Tissage answers a question you can bet she's right. If you see a topic/post from GoTo.. go to it and read it!!! oh and the Etsy Sellers Assisting Sellers group headed by HouseofMouse is everyone's go-to group.

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