Saturday, March 6, 2010

HOST Challenge: Spruce Up Your Store - Baseline Information

Just to get this out of the way, I'm not much of a writer. So, you can expect a lot of videos and point forms being used to explain aspects of this Challenge. Why reinvent the wheel when more qualified people have already done the explaining? I'm a relative newbie to Etsy myself - and some of the tasks this Challenge will cover I haven't done yet - so I am going to be joining you every step of the way. I hope we will learn new things and have fun together during this process.

Okay - now we can begin -

Before we start making tons of changes to your shop, we need to be able to measure if the changes are helping to bring in more traffic. So, first, we need to gather some baseline information. To do this, we are going to install Google Analytics in our Etsy shops, and for the next week we are going to monitor what our traffic is like before making any changes. This one is easy!

Here is a video on how to install Google Analytics in your Etsy shop:

And another with some more information on Google and what it can do for you:

I hope these videos explained everything clearly. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Next Friday, we will have a Check In Post for you to post your baseline information, so we can refer back to it as we progress through this Challenge.

Thanks for joining us! Next Saturday we will be working on some of your store settings. Come join us again then.

Krystyne from


Krystyne said...

Done! Now waiting for the yield sign to disappear and the collection of baseline information to begin!

Jabeen said...

Yeah I did this recently too. I noticed that it takes a full two days for it to work. I really wished I saw your video before using the feature myself! It is a very useful feature. Main thing about it is not to let it discourage you. Meaning, if many people come to your store but no one buys, don't let it bring you down. Keep on trying.

Ooty said...

Yay! Thank you =)

Krystyne said...

You are most welcome. Spread the word about the Challenge if you can. And join us again next week for another installment.

NatureAcre said...

Very helpful, thank you!

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