Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tip Tuesday: Handmade Spark Blog and Directory

Hello from ESellerAds.

We are writing to let you know about our new site Handmade Spark!

Handmade Spark is a directory where you can promote your handmade business and get in front of buyers around the world. Handmade Spark sellers are actively promoted on our blog, on our newsletter, and on social networks and across the Internet. We are also starting to get press to cover the great sellers and items included in Handmade Spark.

Handmade Spark is also a blog with 12 writers. The blog includes content about the latest handmade trends, showcases the people and work that make up the handmade community, and educates sellers about promoting and buyers about finding great handmade goods all across the Internet.

Handmade Spark was launched about two weeks ago and is on track to have more than 15,000 visitors in the first month. You can join the Directory for only $12 per month to get all the great benefits we offer or you can also get a basic free listing if you just want to part of the Handmade Spark community.

Please go to Handmade Spark, check it out, and join now!


Teresa said...

This sounds terrific, I cannot wait.

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