Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Spotlight: salmamahjabeen

I am a CPA who works in as a consultant in a large public accounting firm. I know accountants are considered boring. I think I was not meant to be an accountant. It was choice already made for me when I went to school as I come from a family of accountants.

I love working with my hands. Being creative. I started making jewelry when 10 years ago I saw a gorgeous bracelet a colleague of mine wore. She made it. I loved it. She taught me the basics. I have not looked back since. I have graduated from working with plastic beads to swarovski crystals to now semi-precious stones. It's my therapy. It' my saving grace. My other saving graces are my cats- Shiba and Basra (8 months old girls I adopted).

My no 1. sin is chocolate. I simply can't resist. I love Asian cuisine- Singaporean, Thai, Indian, Malaysian and french fries. My favorite vacation spot of all times- Tioman beach resort (Malaysia's best kept Secret: Amazing coral reefs).

I heard about Host from Etsy forums. Very helpful of you guys to do this for newbies like myself! Etsy allows independent creators like us to have a voice. A platform to compete against "made in china" mass produced stuff. When I first listed items in Etsy I realized how common handmade jewelry was and how difficult it is to stand apart. What differentiates my shop is that I bring quality items at an affordable price. I sell only things I would wear. Semi precious stones, pearls, sterling silver or pure silver. Items that are expensive in retail stores or even in Etsy to be honest. Quality jewelry at an affordable cost is my shop's motto!

You can find me on my blog at
Facebook group: Jabeen's Asian Creations:!/group.php?gid=327295257026

In my blog I am trying to gather all the lessons I am learning. So that's the best place to check out for advise. Please also feel free to comment.


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