Sunday, April 4, 2010

Share Your Favorite ETSY Secrets ($5 and under)

 I'd like to thank Ogma for her guest post (below) on Etsy Finds. She also participated in the Swap-bot swap I was in that shared great  finds on Etsy. 

I discovered this shop early on, and I love it. She makes mosaic art (which is gorgeous) but also sells her art as magnets, pocket mirrors, prints, and pins. The magnets and mirrors are my two favorite items in her shop. They make great gifts, too.

The magnets come in different sizes and look awesome anywhere you decide to put them up. These are a great way to have a piece of mosaic artwork on a smaller scale.


This was another early discovery that I still frequent. I love so many things in this shop. Everything I have from her is super-duper quality, too. If I had to pick some stuff, it would be her shell necklaces and her poppets. Although her scarves are really nice, too.

Her shell necklaces are beautiful. I get a comment on mine every time I wear it. She also makes stone and arrowhead ones. Quality, awesome, funky stuff!

This shop is new but has some fabulous little treasures in it. Two of my favorites are the bunny pins and the coffee gift card holders. I love the drawstring bags, too (my boys seem to have little “stuff” everywhere—it multiplies)!

The bunny pins are adorable and look really well-made (love that felt backing).

This is just an awesome idea (and I don’t sew) so I love this. It’s great for my kids or for me for crosswords, books, and notebooks (which I bring everywhere).

A lot of items in this store are under $10 (and a bunch under $5). I bought an Easter gift card holder; it was ridiculously inexpensive and very well made. Most items also have FREE SHIPPING which is a huge bonus for me!

This is definitely not a shop that needs exposure but, if you like handmade body products, this shop rocks! The samples (soaps, oils, & scrubs) are all under $5. If these links are sold out (they sell quickly!), just look under the “samples” section.

I just love well-made products. And if people are willing to sell them at an affordable price, then even better. Quality for less. It’s awesome. These gals are awesome. I hope you like these stores and the products as much as I do. J Cheers!  ~Ogma


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