Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Great Finds on Etsy Under $10

Another swap I am participating in asks us to share our favourite Etsy shops with items $10 or less. Here is my list::

Great Finds on Etsy Under $10
1. ficklefaerie - I found June here on Etsy several months ago and have become fast friends. I love her eco-friendly mesh bags and cute snack and sandwich bags. All sets are under $10 and make an economical and fashionable alternative to those disposable plastic bags. And - I love the looks I get at the grocery store when I use them!

2. jinglebobs - If I had horses I'd be shopping at jingle's shop all the time. Cute bells for your horse's mane. I can't think of anything more fun!

3. crochetmaggie - I have a set of washclothes I bought from maggie and I adore them. If you search her shop, she has lots of lovely coloured crochet cloths to choose from. Once you use one of these, you won't use those regular store cloths again! LOL!

Time for a few I'd like to try:

4. gloilocksandbody - Someone suggested this shop to me from my last swap and since then, I have been hearting a few things I want to try.

5. ZipADeeDoDah1 - Cute scrabble pendants under $10. I have my eye on the daisy one for a friend of mine....

And my shop of course! I sell gourmet loose leaf tea. Everything in my shop is under $10 so far. Come take a look at some very yummy blends.


Anonymous said...

These are fantastic finds! I’m already hooked on “gloilocksandbody” but can’t wait to really spend some time in these shops. Your tea blends look delicious. (And the “rhythm beads” for horses are just too cool.)

Flossyjamba said...

thanks for sharing, krys. Its my first swapbotswap and I'm loving it!! I really like those crochet dishcloth colurs. mmmm.
flossyjamba x

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