Monday, August 4, 2008

Treasured moments with friends - like cynmb

We HOSTies have many great Etsy friends but amongst them, cynmb (Etsy Angel and avid EFA/AWBAR supporter) is a great favourite. This lovely Etsian recently snagged treasuries in which she thoughtfully featured some of the HOSTies...

Not only does cyn have impeccable taste and make * gorgeous * treasuries but we were surprised and delighted to find ourselves included with such wonderful, talented Etsy company. Have a look and enjoy:-

(click on the image for a more detailed view)

(click on the image for a more detailed view)

cynmb also helps the HOST members promote sellers and good causes across the Etsy community. cyn, you and your constant help are so appreciated. We hope you know that we all consider you an 'honorary' HOSTie :) Thank you from us all!


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