Thursday, August 28, 2008


Some of our members are awfully clever with their crafting and make the most delightful things for their Etsy shops but sadly, sometimes life just gets in the way and they really don't have the time to dedicate to promoting their shops - though ironically, they need the income from Etsy to help raise or support family members and kids. One such HOST member is Bee, of supermomma45. Even though Bee is currently working a 7 day week, it is still tough raising her two sons and equipping them for the return to school.

With all the flurry about helping each other to get adverts together for Project Wonderful promotions on this team blog amongst other places, it seems that a couple of HOSTies recently came up with the cunning plan of escalating their Project Wonderful scheming to another level, and helping to overhaul certain HOST member shops that were badly in need of TLC, and a bit of a re-vamp. This was something the shop owners simply did not have the time to do themselves but these two mischievous miscreants approached the sellers in question for permission to break into their shops, ferret around and generally turn things upside down and leave them unrecognisable - but in a good way, of course!

This last weekend, the first HOST Extreme Makeover took place with much stealth and quite a significant amount of giggles... Our lovely Bee's supermomma45 shop was the first to be ransacked and in their path, our dastardly schemers left a trail of a fabulous new banner, new avatar, shop announcement, shop policies and profile. They renamed every item, optimised all the item tags and tweaked and rewrote item descriptions - leaving their signature humour along the way. The listings were renewed, with newly prettified main images and a small cash reserve deposited in the seller's PayPal account for maintenance of the shop fees and hopefully to fund the purchase of additional supplies so that new pieces can be created in time for the approaching holiday season.

Supermomma45 is now a shop with serious attitude, as well as seriously great items to tempt you. We highly recommend you take a look... What you will find is Stained glass. No nonsense. Although, there may still be a few giggles lying around in there, so do be careful, won't you?!

Rumour has it that another HOST target has already been identified, so it is likely that you will see further reports of this rampant and frivolous pair breaking in and causing delightful havoc in their wake!



Don't make me turn this car around - Herbie Love Bug stained glass sun catcher - by supermomma45

A pumpkin is not just for the holidays - spooky stained glass pumpkin sun catcher - by supermomma45

You'd better not pout - stained glass Santa Claus sun catcher - by supermomma45



Maura said...

Great Job! Wow! Shop looks great!

catiahades said...

i love it!!!!!!!

lisianblue said...

That is such an awesome idea!

I don't know what it looked like before - but it looks great.

What an awesome group of people!

beachyrustica said...

What a wonderful thing to do!

fringe said...

what a heart-warming story and idea. i am so impressed with all of you wonderful ladies. people helping's a wonderous thing.

go supermomma45 go! you're an inspiration!


Brenda said...

I can't believe what changes I see in her shop! You guys worked hard!!

PitBullLadyDesigns said...

HUGS, you guys are the best and what a creative new look!!!

Shannon said...

What a great idea!!!!

lisianblue said...

I just posted a new blog! Hoping other people find it!

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