Thursday, August 14, 2008

It seems we are HOSTing a poet!

Well, here is something rather special, from one of our HOSTies who, it seems, has been holding out on us! We would like to share with you this fabulous poem, penned by our HOSTie Terra of and

Terra is one of our lovely, steady HOSTies, who brings calm and comfort to all with warm and genuine friendship. She is appreciated by everyone who has the good fortune to know her, and as we get to know her better, we see her wonderful sense of humour shining through - particularly in this example of her hidden talent as a poet (only it's not so hidden now, is it?!)

We hope you will enjoy this delightful poem as much as we all did...


I looked in the mirror and what did I see
OMG 4 grey hairs staring back at me
Not from my hairline, where the rest of them be
But from my eyebrows standing wild and free
Should I pluck them or just leave them be?
If I remove them and each is replaced by 4
And I remove those – OMG that’s 64!
This proves I’m getting old, much older than before
With wrinkles, sags, and grey hair by the score
Aches and pains, creaks and cripes, could I say more
I look in the mirror and what do I see
Why it’s my Grandmother staring back at me
A woman admired as wise and gentle as can be
Filled with stories, fun times and secrets to keep
Making gifts and cookies and letting tea steep
Could I be her – that woman I know
My Best Friend from long ago
Who taught me to read, do math, craft and sew
I can only pray I’m as inspiring and know
I can pass my wisdom on and still grow
I looked in the mirror and what did I see
Those 4 grey hairs still staring back at me
I’ll deal with them tomorrow and let them be
I have places to go and people to see
So I’ve gotten older which is oh so true
I can be a mother to all, and grandma to few
Not gonna fret about it, not gonna stew
Am just gonna be happy with all that I do

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Maura said...

LOVE that poem! Terra did such a great job!

ficklefaerie said...

Great poem!! Maybe you should do cards with mushy verses????

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