Monday, August 18, 2008

HOSTing Project Wonderful!

We are delighted to be able to feature two new Project Wonderful advertisement boxes on our team blog...

Our previously central 'HHH' column - HOST Helping Hands - has relocated to the left hand column of the blog. It has been converted into a 'PW HOSTed' section with the new ad-box in pride of place. Approval for these ads is set on a bid-by-bid basis because we have reserved them for Etsians who need help with exposure for their shops, or who need sales more urgently than others. Please click through to these shops - there are so many little treasures to be discovered!

The centre column of our blog now houses our paid ad-box 'PW HOSTed too'. All the advertisement spaces in this box are currently for sale at $0.10 per day, and ALL proceeds accumulated from this ad-box go to HOST to be used to provide basic financial assistance to Etsians in need. Please click on these ads and help support our advertisers, who are all helping to support HOST and the wider Etsy community! We would like to thank you, our advertisers - and our visiting readers - for your generosity, and for helping us to serve our fellow Etsians to better effect.

This column also features Etsy minis for HOST, HOST members and Etsians we are currently helping... The HOST shop is stocked with items that are donated by generous Etsy sellers, and the proceeds from sales in our HOST shop all go towards helping us fulfill our HOST mission... If you would like to donate an item to HOST, just convo us through the shop and we will walk you through what is needed.

Thank you!



SuzeesJubileeZ said...

O this IS Wonderful!Im doing the math right now... not my longsuit but any way. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

Drew of Fairy Tale Fibers said...

What an awesome program, and a great way to support HOST!

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