Saturday, August 2, 2008

Treasured moments - by FickleFaerie

Our lovely HOSTie June - maker of fabulous reusable, fabric gift and produce bags (and I can personally testify as to the fabulousness of said bags!), has managed to snag another HOST treasury!

This time, our FickleFaerie has featured items from HOST members who will be participating in tonight's SNS - so cool! Thank you so much June, and good luck to you and to all of us taking part. I know we are all hoping for a great night so that we can raise some serious funds for HOST to use to help other Etsians struggling with difficult times... Enjoy it, people!

* click on the treasury for a more detailed view *
Click to view this treasury on Etsy while it remains active:
Check out our June's other great items in her Etsy shop:


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