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Video Monday: 15 Great Etsy Selling Tips by blueberryshoes

I was looking around on for some wonderful content to share with my fellow HOST blog readers and I lucked upon these great tips from blueberryshoes. I wrote and asked permission to post them here for you, and Hollie was gracious enough to agree. You can find her etsy-mini at the bottom of this article.

Take it away Hollie!

(Bow by blueberryshoes, earrings, cake ring and deer necklace by sparklerocks, pastry necklace and strawberry ring by destinationdesign, purple rose ring by leboutique)


1-Have a great avatar! This is you're shop's face and first impression. It is what's seen when you get around Etsy, so make it fresh, pop with color and represent what you sell well.

2-Have a great banner! Get one made by an etsy seller or make your own. Either way, it should be professional and fresh. It should also very much suit what you make and the style of your shop.

3-Take killer pictures! Do searches for items on etsy that are similar to yours. Emulate the shops' pictures that feel right to you. Don't copy, but reflect. Use lots of angles and only take pictures outside or near natural light. Avoid flash, taking pictures on the rug or at night.

4-Make descriptions interesting! Go for your target crowd, give lots of details and be interesting! A great description can be the last straw that motivates someone to buy. If they feel drawn to it as a personal piece, they will spend the money.

5-Use Tags Wisely! Use every tag available and think outside the box. Use to help you think of ones you never could on your own!

6-Twitter! Twitter is key to getting views, hearts and followers. Sign up with the same name and avatar as your etsy shop so you are recognizable. Search for "etsy", "vintage", and "handmade" and add as many people as you can who talk about these things. It is twitter courtesy to add someone if they add you. So most likley you'll get lots of followers in time.

Tweet not only your new listings, but also plans for future projects, interesting finds on etsy, inspiration and humour.

7-Blog! Only blog if you will enjoy it. Make it you and very interesting. Blog about what you make, post tutorials, do themed blogs where you post etsyian's work based on a certain theme. Do giveaways! Make sure to add your etsy mini!

8-Facebook! Personalizes your shop and you as a seller. Add other etsy friends and talk about your work and plans.

9-Treasuries! Make them and comment on others. If you want you can add one item from your own shop into a treasury. It may end up on the front page and get you tons more views! Use to help you determine when a treasury slot opens up.

10-Get Around Etsy! Browse shops, heart items, and people will heart you back!! Make yourself noticed.

11-List Daily or Relist! Keep items at the forefront of searches. Keep shop fresh and up to date. you may be noticed for gift guides, front page or storque articles.

12-Know Trends! Keep up to date with whats "in", since people are always on the lookout to stay with the trends. Be a fashion forward shop! Use or handmade indie blogs to help you out!

13-Get Into Forums, Chats and Virtual Labs! This is instant gratification and enables you to make great friends. You will get views and hearts. Friendship is key on etsy, so get making them!

14-Sell What Sells!
If what you're trying to sell simply isnt selling, branch out in what you create. Don't leave the niche entirely-but it doesnt hurt to try something that might work! If you make original art, do cards or smaller prints that are more affordable.

15-Promote Promote Promote! Promote others and they will promote back. Make friends everywhere and brag about your work (dont be too shy about it, but don't be annoying either), make sure people know what you make and that you love custom work.

I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial and that it inspired you to stick with Etsy even through tough times! It is a wonderful site in which you can gain experience as an artist, and heck, maybe in time some dough! Pass this on if you enjoyed it too!

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Thanks again to Hollie for letting us post this great set of tips. Please comment below. And if you are looking for tips on any particular subject, let us know so we can plan new posts accordingly!

Thanks for reading!


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