Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OFFER: Advertising Option from boutiquepillows

Hello Host Members,

I am the owner of and I have been advertising Etsians on my website for quite some time happily with much success.  Etsians have been receiving an increase in traffic and a huge bump in their sales since joining. 

It is very important to advertise outside of Etsy to the mainstream shopping district.  By promoting outside of  Etsy, you will reach customers who are solely buyers.  Benefits to advertising on my site are that I promote my site on a daily basis as well as each individual advertiser.   We receive 3,000+ visitors a month and are ranked #1 on google.

To learn more you can follow the links below ~

We just opened a new Blog Network ~ Saturday Blog Shoppers! To learn about this network you can follow the link below ~

Hope to work with you in promoting your Etsy shop!



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