Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our HOST Store was S.N.E.A.K Attacked!

Just recently, another Etsy Team bombarded our HOST shop with sales in what has become known as a S.N.E.A.K. Attack!  It was exciting for us and fun for the participants (so we hear!). We thank the SNEAK Attack Team for choosing our shop and helping us continue to help others here on Etsy!

What is a S.N.E.A.K. Attack you might ask?  See below for more information!

Pertinent links for Sneak Attack info: (our team store) (to post possible victims)

Spread the word, if you can!


What are the criteria for shops to be chosen for the sneak attacks?

-They have zero or only a few sales- usually 4 or less. (Exception: Shops who donate 100% of their profits to a charity may be considered even if they have several sales.)

-Their shop has been updated in the past week or two.

-They do not have a second (or third) more successful shop.

-They have at least a few items under $10 so more people can participate (there may be some exceptions to this at some point)

-Preferrably a shop will have 20+ items, but we will consider any with at least 12. If less, we might consider doing two shops at once that both have a small amount of items.

-They appear to have good quality products.

-They are at least two weeks old, preferably more.

-If possible, they have positive feedback established through purchases or selling a few items.

-The shop must not be in conflict with any Etsy policies, applicable laws, etc. For instance, shops supplying food must clearly state they produce their product in an accredited kitchen.

-The shop is not affiliated or connected to the sponsor.

-Sponsors choose the shops and approve them with VintageEmbellishment.

-The shop should not contain offensive items. We realize this is subjective thing and what one considers offensive, another will not, but we will make the judgment call based on what we feel is right.

-We reserve the right to make exceptions to the above rules, but this will not normally happen and will only be in special cases (e.g. needing to change the shop at the last minute).


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