Sunday, July 11, 2010

Social Media Sites and How to Use Them Effectively In Your Business

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Lesson 5 - Digg

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Digg is a social media/social bookmarking site that can help share your content with millions of people worldwide. Whether you post your content yourself or someone "Diggs" it, Digg is a little like voting for your favorite article or content. The more votes it receives, the more popular it becomes and the more traffic and visibility your business and website receives. Posting your content to Digg is a very effective way to establish yourself as an expert and to drive potential buyers to your website.

To get the most benefit from Digg for your business and/or services, here are a few suggestions:

1) When you set up your profile, make it as comprehensive and informative as possible. Be sure to include your website and blog links. When someone reads your content and want to know more about you, they will go to your profile for more information. Be sure you have a photo, a good description and your links.

2) Make friends, give shout outs and Digg! Digg! and Digg! The purpose of Digg is to generate traffic and views for your content. Make friends with people who will have an interest in what you are saying and will reciprocate Diggs. Give a shout out! This will help you get noticed and everyone appreciates them! Digg! Digg! Digg! If you want to be noticed, and you obviously do, Digg other peoples content. When you read something you feel adds value, Digg it!

3) Know what is popular on the site and what Digg members are looking for. When adding content, don't just add any content. Take the time to find out what is popular and what topics Digg readers are looking for. Equally as important is that you know what Digg users do not like.

4) Use your keywords. Keywords are very important on Digg. When a visitor searches for content on Digg, you want them to be able to find your articles and links. Consider your keywords carefully and use them in your description, content and titles.

5) Encourage your readers, visitors and friends to Digg for you. It is easy to add a "Digg This" button to your website or blog, thus allowing people to Digg for you.

Digg is a fabulous way to get information about you and your business in front of potentially millions of people who otherwise would not have known about you and what you have to offer. As with all social media sites, you need to dedicate some time to be involved and contribute but when you do, you will find the rewards to be more than worthwhile for your business.
Next Week'll discover how Stumble Upon can benefit your business.


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