Sunday, June 20, 2010

Social Media Sites and How to Use Them Effectively In Your Business

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Lesson 2 - Twitter

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites being used today by individuals and businesses. Often referred to as "micro-blogging" Twitter provides a platform for you to interact with your target market, network and create relationships that can boost your business. Here are a few ways that you can use Twitter effectively to promote your business:

1.      Put your best foot forward. Create a twitter profile that represents you and your business well. Include your photo, links to your website and a strong bio in your profile. Also, consider creating a custom Twitter background. Twitter backgrounds can be obtained inexpensively and are a terrific way to compliment your branding efforts.

2.      Strategically build your following. There are millions of people on Twitter and when you first get involved, the inclination is to follow and follow back everyone. However, doing so will dilute your efforts and fail to achieve the results you desire. For instance, if you make and sell organic baby food you might be tempted to follow every new Mom on Twitter. If you do so, you'll develop a huge list of followers quickly. But not everyone is interested in organic baby food. Your efforts would be better spent targeting Mom's who tweet about organic foods, organic baby clothing and green living. For best results, concentrate your efforts networking with people who are interested in your product or working in your niche.

3.      Treat your twitter followers as you do your newsletter followers. Through various metrics, social media experts have shown that Twitter followers are as responsive (and sometimes more) as your newsletter subscribers. Having a sale? Tweet about it! Offer your twitter followers a special coupon or bonus. Have a big announcement about your business? Share it with your Twitter followers. Not only are your followers interested, but they will retweet (RT) it and introduce you to potential new buyers and possible joint venture partners.

4.      Promote your event. Twitter is a terrific way to tell your followers about an upcoming event that you are hosting. Whether it is a virtual event or a live event, Twitter is a wonderful way to spread the word. You can also use Twitter to share information and products you gather at events you attend. There are many mobile applications that you can purchase or get for free that makes Tweeting "on the go" very simple.

Are you ready to start tweeting? If you are new to Twitter, create an account, set up your profile and get involved. Twitter is highly interactive and it is completely acceptable to jump in on a conversation. Just remember, don't be a sleazy car salesman. Provide valuable information as well as updates about your business. And, if you are not new to Twitter, consider how you can incorporate some of the ideas we provided into your Twitter strategy.

Join us next time when  we will cover....Facebook and how using it can benefit your business. (To be notified of new articles on our blog, make sure to sign up for our Feedburner Notifications - the box is on the upper right of the blog!)


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