Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 Needs Thread Success and Well Wishes

Hello everyone, We here at HOST hope that every one's holidays have been great and that all those who needed help found what they needed to make it that way.
From the last post on the blog till now there have been many others who have been helped and have helped others in need. A lot of people prefer to keep out of the "limelight" but we want to acknowledge them in this way by giving our thanks and best wishes to all of them.
The needs thread this year has been a great help and has brought a lot of new friends into the fold. We would like to also say "Welcome" to all the new members and friends who have found us this year.
The needs thread will continue for those who still need last minute gifts or holiday help until Jan 6, 2010 three kings days and there after we advise that anyone who still needs help in any way or would like to recommend someone to HOST to post in our monthly team thread in the teams section of the etsy fourms.
Please remember that you DO NOT need to be a member of the HOST team to request for help or recommend someone. We are here to help etsyians in whatever way we can (of course within reason) when they come to us for help. We help in many ways, from helping with sprucing up a person's shop to helping them find organizations in there community that help those in needs.
A helping hand is a loving hand.
We would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year!!!


JM said...

Great job Mel!

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