Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Helping Hearts and Helping Hands, etsy HOST Needs Thread 2009!!

It's that time of year again. The 2009 etsy needs thread is up and running and great things are already starting to happen.
HOST was created because of the first needs thread which was created back in 2007. What was/is the needs thread? It was just a simple act of kindness started by one etsy member which evolved into many posting and helping out people they just met on the etsy etc. forums during the holiday season. The thread took off in a way that no one expected with etsy members helping with all kinds of needs, from warm clothes, to sales, to prayers and support and even some small donations on some ends. Many etsy members were soo moved by all the kind hearts who came out and helped that it was decided to create a team based on this concept and that team is Helping Others Street Team better known as HOST. This thread has become an etsy tradition and this is the third year of the needs thread in the etsy etc. forum.
This year's thread began on Nov 16, 2009 and only after three days of being up and running miracles are already taking place.
Here is an update on who has been helped out with their needs:

HuggiesHodgepodge/HippieHempstress: HAS BEEN ADOPTED she needed some help for her family for the holidays
DragonflyStitches: had an angel help her get her car to a mechanic and fixed
If you would like to help or donate to help those in need feel free to contact the HOST shop on etsy: all profits (minus shipping charges) from the shop to go help etsy members in need.
If you are someone in need or know someone in need please visit our thread on the etsy etc forum or contact HOST.
All updates of those helped will be posted here on our blog.


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