Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meeting the HOSTies -- SoulInChains

Your name and shop name(s): Debbie Samardjian aka souli or chains http://soulinchains.etsy.com/

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am a artist who lives in Vine valley New York, I spin, paint fabric, sew ,quilt, make jewelry, acoustic wind-chimes out of recycled copper and steel scrap, I also make loom-knitted mini bags. I'm a Ham Radio Operator and a avid amateur geologist and archaeologist and astronomer. I also own a gardening business in the summer which I have clients for summer time garden upkeep. I also use all organic gardening methods. I have been know to lay down in front of yard not letting the chemical lawn spray folks, they knick named me the toxic advenger .... LOL I collect rocks. I have 200 cook books and make lye soap in a huge cauldron in my yard . I am a Reiki Practioner for the last 23 years. I Love to create new things. I only sell the mini bags on etsy because the other markets are too huge for me to compete with LOL. I am a green energy advocate . My partner is an inventor/Aerospace Engineer and he has patents on green energy engines..... you can see out stuff at our website http://www.usenergyindependence.com/orhttp://www.renewablethermodynamics.com/

How/why did you become involved with HOST: I was lurking in the thread one night and found the Host thread. I found them chatting in a chat room and they were so nice I loved them and the spirit, fun and nice people in Host . I love helping people so this is perfect for me . I always use the sales from money to buy things from other hosties or helping those in need. I'm VP now, and last year I was doing activities, research analyst and helping in the store and any other jobs that needed help.

Any advice you would like to share with others that might read this? I enjoy finding ways to help someone help themselves. Because I came from an abusive relationship and it took me 15 years to escape it. So now I do everything in my power to let men and woman , know they do not have to take it . Their is a way out, it just takes time and thought and planning to have a better life . I want people reading this to know , That as dark as your life may seem it does get better. 6 years ago I was working three jobs, no child support , no aid from state because I fell thur the cracks .It took me 4 years to get back on my feet . But I worked my butt off , soul searched and did what was right for me . I want you to remember YOU ARE IMPORTANT AND YOU COUNT AND CAN BE LOVED. So get as much information as you can contact everyone you know when you need help do not be bashful. Prances away and ALWAYS KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Also No one owes you anything , You need to find anyway you can your help yourself,no one else can do that for you.


catiahades said...

such a lovely and talented hostie!! xx

Anonymous said...

Nice feature of Souli! Very talented and wonderful person.

Debs Crochet said...

You're so very talented and what great words of encouragement!

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