Monday, February 23, 2009

Meeting the HOSTies -- CatiaHades

Your name and shop name(s): MacKenzie "Cat" Mays

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm a very spirited girl who currently is involved in my last semester of a veterinary techonology (nursing) school. I have one husband, and 6 furry children- one dog, two bunnies, and three kitties. I am currently stumbling through my 20's and soul searching trying to find my place in this world, it's lovely. I adore all things bright, plastic, kitsch, chunky, vintage, shabby chic, distressed, well worn, and loved.

How/why did you become involved with HOST: I was part of the original thread from Christmas in 2007. it was the most emotional and rewarding participation of complete and total strangers and their kindness to each other. It has since blossomed into a beautiful team of amazing souls. It has been wonderful to see the transformation and I can't wait to see how it continues to grow. I'm so happy to be the secretary and take a more active role in HOST.

Any advice you would like to share with others: When things get so tough and despair can take over, sometimes the best way to fight it is to sit down, meditate, find yourself, and think of the things you love. Everyone deserves these kind of personal moments and the peace within themselves. You will always return to reality and the fight, but if you can gather yourself together a little bit everyday, it will make your fighting ability stronger. you will make it through another day.


Anonymous said...

hey kittycat! *waves* i love cat's super cute jewellery - i don't know how she manages to keep her store looking so great and study so hard too. she is superwoman and i'm very proud to be her bud :)

catiahades said...


2kute said...

oh my! I am glad I found you guys.
Such beautiful things.

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