Thursday, July 31, 2008


The what:

Saturday Night Special!

The when:

This Saturday, 2 August 2008 - starting at 5pm Etsy time!

The who:

This SNS is open to all HOST team members!

The why:

To raise money for HOST! Participating HOST team members intend to donate a percentage of their takings from the SNS to HOST. This money will go into the HOST account, to be used to assist other Etsians in times of difficulty.

and the how:

Participating members will post a notice in their shop announcements about the SNS. Look out for the SNS thread in the Etsy 'Promotions' forum, then stop by 'Etc.' to chat with us!!

Good luck everyone - and may the sales fairy show up for a little therapy :)

Newbie HOSTies :)

All of us at HOST extend a warm welcome to our two latest team members: vidia and trinkets! We're delighted to have you on board girls, and look forward to getting to know you better!

We thought you all might like to check out (and heart!) the new girls' etsy shops:
pretty girly jewellery by

New HOSTies are always welcome :) If you'd like to find out more about HOST or sign up for the team, these are the links you need to follow:
This is our team shop:
This is our team page on Etsy:
This is our blog (but you're here, so you knew that already!)
And this is where you need to register to join the team!

Treasured moments - by Cornucopias

This amazing treasury has many faces... Curated by HOSTie Serenity:-

* click on the treasury for a more detailed view *
You will also find Serenity's own amazing etsy shop here:

Treasured moments - by Catia Hades

Spot the trainee vet!! This is a fun animal themed treasury west from HOSTie Catia...

* click on the treasury for a more detailed view *

...and don't forget to visit Catia's super etsy shop at:

Treasured moments - by Christian Press

Stroll through this treasury, curated by HOSTie Michelle:-

* click on the treasury for a more detailed view *
...and don't forget to mosey through Michelle's other etsy shop at:

Treasured moments - by mc novelties

Soak it up people! This treasury was curated by me, as mcnovelties :)

* click on the treasury for a more detailed image *
...and this is where you will find my mc novelties shop if you would like a peek:

Treasured moments - by Catia Hades

We loved this treasury from our HOSTie Catia...

* click on the treasury for a more detailed view *

This is where you will find Catia's own fun etsy shop:

Treasured moments - by Fire and Ice Designs

Fabulous aqua and lime; here is another stunning treasury from HOSTie Michelle:-

* click on the treasury for a more detailed view *
...and you can see Michelle's own etsy shop here:

Treasured moments - by maisyh

I got one too! Taking a different approach and testing out 'promotion by saturation' :)

* click on the treasury for a more detailed view *

And this is my shop, if you would like to check it out:

Treasured moments - by Fickle Faerie

Hope you * L O V E * this treasury west curated by HOSTie June:-

* click on the treasury for a more detailed view *
And don't forget to check out June's own etsy shop here:

Treasured moments - by Fire and Ice Designs

Stunning aqua and fuschia treasury curated by HOSTie Michelle...

* click on the treasury for a more detailed view *

And here is where you can visit Michelle's own etsy shops:

Treasured moments - by Crochet Maggie

Hot, hot, HOT! This is the latest treasury curated by HOSTie Maggie:

* click on the treasury for a more detailed view *

You can also check out Maggie's own etsy shops here:

Treasured moments - by Reflections

Check out this super treasury, curated by HOSTie Maria:-

* click on the treasury for a more detailed view *

You can also check out Maria's own etsy shops here:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Front page news!

CONGRATULATIONS to HOSTie Maggie of for popping up in grand style on the front page! Visit her super shop for many more colourful and stylish crocheted accessories.

Here is a screenshot for you all to see...

Click on the image for a larger, detailed version!

Congrats also to our AWBAR team buddies, whose adorable Jack and Sophia photo also features here :) Visit the AWBAR shop at


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another industrious HOSTie

Another one of our HOST members has started a new Etsy shop for destashing some of her amazing goody stash! LeighAnne of and has just opened:
For starters, you will find pretty handmade stitch-markers, and a collection of fabulous pattern books for all sorts of 'soft' creations - but having seen the photos of her workroom and her incredible yarn collection, we know this is a shop to watch because there is so much more to come! 'Heart' the shop now, so you can keep an eye on it and watch it grow...



HOST members are celebrating the success of our three girls - Mishy, Kimberley, and Spring - following their super busy weekend away at the different shows and festivals we covered in our previous post. They worked incredibly hard to get ready for these events and the effort was well invested because they all did so very well AND had a fabulous time! We are very proud of you girls, and very happy for you, so CONGRATS and hugs to you and 'roll on the next event'!



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun... festivals... and HOSTies

Three of our HOST members have been particularly busy bees lately. They have been doing some pretty frenzied creating, getting ready for some important festivals and craft events that they are participating in this weekend. Since our readers are as geographically scattered as the HOSTies, we figured we would let you all know who is doing what and where, since many of you may be able to go along to these events and join in the fun!

Michelle of and will be in the Art Market at the Harrison Festival this weekend: July 11, 12 and 13, in BC. The Art Market is situated in a gorgeous location, along the beach in beautiful Harrison Hot Spring. The opening times vary slightly over these three days: 11:00am - 7:00pm Saturday and 11:00am - 5:00pm Friday and Sunday. Michelle will have a fabulous range of items on offer including beautiful glass vases and votives, stunning lampwork beads and pendants, and glass business card holders! If you would like to read more about the Harrison Festival, just follow this link:

Many of you will know be familiar with the fun, hand-printed mama's T-shirts and baby onesies, all printed with hilarious one-liners or illustrations available from This weekend, our mama monkey will be at the 37th annual "Wayne Hobbs and Irv Hamilton" Kent Lions Street Fair in Kent, WA. There will be over 600 handcraft and commercial vendors at this street market, that lines the road for several blocks, so whether or not you visit to check out mama monkey's stall, it is well worth going along for a great family outing! Oh, and mama will also have a selection of the most adorable little girls' dresses made by another of our own: Brenda of For more information, visit this link:

Finally, our very own Spring of will be at the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta (Eugene), Oregon. Visit, and you will find a fantastic array of music and entertainment, as well as fabulous handmade goods to shop for - and Spring will have a huge range of her beautifully sewn skirts and bloomers on offer! We HOSTies are all big fans of our yoda-bloomers - wear them for sleeping in, lounging in, even to add a warm layer in winter under skirts and dresses. They are soft, comfy, and even suitable for mamas-to-be... 'belly bloomers'! This is another wonderful event to enjoy with friends or family, and if you would like to learn more, check out this link:

Good luck girls! We hope it's a sell-out for all of you but most of all: enjoy it and have fun! If any of our readers manage to go along to these events, please stop by and say 'Hi' to our HOSTies, and enjoy browsing all the super items they will have on offer - you definitely won't be disappointed :)


Branching out

There have been a lot of threads recently suggesting that Etsy sales are down and that Summer is a quiet time... Well apparently that hasn't stopped our HOSTies from coming up with new ideas and branching out, since three of our members have just opened up new shops!! We wanted to showcase them here so that our readers can head off and check them out:

Maura of has just opened The new shop will soon be filled with even more super crafty items and accessories, all intended to fire up your imagination and add the finishing touches to your projects!

pre-made banner and avatar by
If you like your cushions with a little 'pizzazz', then you need to head along to Terra's - of - new shop for beautifully handmade roll-cushion covers. There are lovely fabrics to choose from, and many more on the way! black and white toile roll-cushion cover by

Finally, Monique of has just opened up - another shop of crafting goodies and embellishments, including super pre-cut ACEO blanks for all you budding artists out there. assorted die-cut flowers by

So, we hope you'll add these newcomers to your favourites and visit regularly! We also want to wish our girls the best of luck with these new ventures, and hope the sales fairy will take them to her heart soon :)


Friday, July 4, 2008

HOSTed in purple

A big THANK YOU to our lovely friend vsilcoxdesigns for thinking of HOST and including one of our shop items in her stunning 'Perfect Purples' treasury! We have pasted it in below - isn't it gorgeous? Those are our vintage lilac earrings in the top right corner...

Click on this link to view this treasury on Etsy while it is still 'live':
or click on the image to see a larger, more detailed version.

This is another item currently available in the HOST shop - kindly donated by vsilcoxdesigns; we absolutely love it!

Check out her Etsy shop at: for beautiful hand painted glass items.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Eclectica - the blogged list

The mc scored a treasury west! This time you will find shops that have been featured on this blog in some way, shape or form - quite an eclectic mix :)

Click on the image to open a larger, more detailed version - or clink on this link to view the treasury on Etsy while it is still 'live':


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Promotion Tuesday!

Well it's Tuesday, so it's HOST promo day in the etsy forums!

In case you didn't spot it, here is this week's promo:

Besides shouting about the HOST shop, blog and team, the promo also spotlights these shops: - check out the fab little mini bags on sale for a great cause, as soulinchains is raising funds to help out her lovely brother with food and the basics soon as he is released from hospital.

AND - special promotion starting today and running for the month of July: spend $25 or more and receive a mystery, free gift with your order. You'll find a super range of quality crocheted items to choose from!

Remember to watch out for next Tuesday's promo thread everyone!


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