Friday, October 24, 2008

ACEO contest

HOST recently held an ACEO contest - open to all of Etsy to participate and show off their creativity - with the ACEOs submitted being submitted to the HOST store to be offered for sale!

Art Card, Editions and Originals (ACEOs) are art miniatures commonly used for trade or sale between artists. The only standard requirement for an ACEO is that its height and width measurements be 2.5 x 3.5 inches (64 x 89 mm); and they can be of either vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) orientation. The sky is the limit for every other aspect of this art!

The FIRST PLACE artist who gets the most votes will win a $10.00 gift credit to the Host store, or a PayPal payment of $10.00 to their account. The SECOND and THIRD place artists will receive super awesome HOST goody promo bags that are stuffed with all kinds of wonderful items!

Participating artists submitted their entries by uploading photographs of their ACEO to the HOST flickr group at and sent listing details for their entry to the HOST store for listing.

This contest has now closed, and below are the entries that were received, together with the link to their listing in the HOST store, where you can read more details about each ACEO. You can VOTE for your FIRST, SECOND and THIRD choices by leaving a comment after this post, or by convoing the HOST store...

#1. Memories - by allaboutthebuttons

#2. Sunflower - by walkinthewoodsllc

#3. Native American Eagle Feather - by nativetalismanart

#4. Nature - by Lor2507 (and her daughters, Maria and Diana)

#5. Abstract Spring - by bellsakabin

#6. Pink Goddess by LDphotography

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this competition for their help and support of HOST :) Good luck everyone!!! The results will be collated and published here this Sunday/Monday... so watch this space!


Maura said...

I'll go first!!! But this is hard!!

1st Place: #1
2nd Place: #6
3rd Place: #2

Maisyh said...

Gosh, this was tough...

1st: #6
2nd: #2
3rd: #4

Kara said...

These are all so gorgeous. I could never decide.

Loretta said...

same here




yes i voted on my girls behalf hehe :)

catiahades said...

1st - 6
2nd - 1
3rd - 2

CrochetMaggie said...

1st #1
2nd #2
3rd # 6

dkjewels said...


Mishy said...


Soul In Chains said...

first __2

!Sp or Billium said...

1st #2
2nd #1
3rd # 6

Terra said...

1st #3
2nd #5
3rd #4

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